What Do You Want to Be When You’re Younger?   

This blog aims to write about the ways we should relate to students, to athletes, to children.  Even in its relatively short lifespan, this blog wants to promote the idea of building positivity and finding the ways adult life and childhood can generate such benefit and joy.  I think, then, that it’s worth remembering that age is only a number, you’re only as old as you feel, and other things I know you’ve read in a recent stroll through Hallmark.  Of course, it’s true- it’s all true.  So, with that in mind, ask yourself: what do you want to be when you’re younger?

If you can manage to stave off age, if you can feel the energy and the wonder of ideas and anticipations, and if you know that you consciously attempt to play and explore, then you are well on your way to getting younger.  There is a lot in the media about coaches and managers who create playful atmospheres, even at the professional level, and it always reminds me that even those that seem beyond such things still thrive in such atmospheres.  It’s then that I silently ask myself if I’m doing that enough at the house, in the classroom.  The answer is usually a mix of answers an angst—I would… I wanted to- but… I thought I’d start… and so on.

If I want to get younger, I’m responsible for that.  If I can bring that attitude of positivity and drive, then it might work.  If I just dust off the very things- the hobbies, the creative larks, the play-for-play’s sake- I generally put on the shelf, I’ll stay younger longer. I think we all can stay younger, we just forget to try.

This isn’t second star to the right, this isn’t Benjamin Button, this is making an effort enough times that it becomes nature, habit, life.  What can it hurt… we all know life can be fun, so make it so.

-Tom Mooney

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