This is a site for those who teach and coach, impact and influence, and build up in order to send out. We hope that this will be a place to build community, a community that contributes to and serves the greater good.

From this place, we hope to do a number of things:

  • To offer our perspectives on working with young people, whether in the sports arena, the classroom, or the home.
  • To generate community and discussion through commentary on posts.
  • To shine a spotlight on teachers, coaches, parents, and students for whom we can applaud and from whom we can learn.
  • To commit to the development and encouragement of young teachers and coaches entering the profession.

Legendary Coach John Wooden wisely said, “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” While we don’t pretend to have learned it all, we do hope to keep learning—from one another.

The roles of teacher, coach, and parent can be isolating.  The structure and schedules of schools, for instance, may prevent us from seeing one another in action and keep us from learning from one another.  In the coaching realm, we are competitors and may hesitate to give away “our secrets” or convince ourselves that adversaries would never share theirs with us.  As parents, as with teachers and coaches, asking others for advice can seem like, well, that we don’t know.  And who wants to appear as though they don’t know?  So we strive for our best, separately.  But we sure could learn a lot from one another.  So we hope that this site moves us in that direction.

Posts will, at times, drift to our day jobs—coaching volleyball and teaching Chemistry, English, and Psychology.  But beyond our sport and subjects, our identifiable titles and specific responsibilities, we are first and foremost, in the business of impacting kids. And so are you.  Thank you for joining us.


We encourage respectful discussion and comments relevant to the post. Thank you for your contributions to the Court and Classroom community.

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